Sunday, July 18, 2010

Romper Room

I really love everything about summer time. For some reason the sunshine brings out the very best in me and this summer I'm loving rompers. Prior to the birth of my daughter I weighed 121 pounds and at the time of delivery I weighed 196 pounds, dropped down to 158 and I've been hovering there ever since. I'm not comfortable with my current weight. Don't get me wrong the birth of my daughter helped a sister out in all the right places but I can stand to lose 10-15 pounds which is my goal by the end of the summer. I was at the mall earlier this week and I tried on a couple of rompers. Super cute but my tummy area wasn't allowing me to get the fit I was looking for. Yea I can throw on my $150.00 body magic (money thrown down the drain) but who wants to wiggle and roll on the floor to fit into that damn straight jacket when I can change my eating habits and get on the road to living a healthier life....but if I were my ideal weight I can see myself wearing these cuties around town and when the weather gets a little cool in the evening I can layer it with my old faithful denim jacket and still look super cute.

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