Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't hate her.....

Many many moons ago when I was trying to land a career in public relations I was introduced to a PR Geru here in Los Angeles that I had been following for many years. She started her career with a well known movie director, moved up the ranks and eventually opened a small public relations boutique in West Los Angeles. Months later I applied for a position with her firm and to my suprise I was called for an interview. I interviewed with her head public relations assistant and he assured me that she would love me. I know this is going to sound a bit cliche but he said "you're just the person we've been looking for". I came back a few days later for my interview (a little nervous) but I knew I had canned this one. The assistant gave me a heads up on the questions that she would ask and told me to research the dorector she previously worked for. I had rehersed the questions in my head over and over again and I was ready to land this job.....the day came, we shook hands she gave me a look over and even before she asked the first question I knew that I wouldn't be receiving the YOUR HIRED phone call. Shortly after leaving the firm I received a phone call from the assitant telling me not to take it personal. It wasn't that I wasn't qualified he said SHE JUST HAVE A THING WITH OTHER WOMEN.

Now that I'm embarking on this Soul Couture journey I've been encountering a lot of women that just have a problem with my fire. I've shared my resources, my knowledge, my time and my creative talents to help other women along their journey but I'm not getting the same in return. I talked to a friend of mine about what I've been expereincing and she replied "I'm not sure why some women have problems with women like you" Excuse me! What type of woman am I? Should I not believe in myself? Should I not follow my dreams? Should I not be confident?

It is my believe that my success depends on the success of another woman. Don't hate her because she's beautiful, don't hate her because she's confident, don't hate her because she's talented, don't hate her because she stands tall, don't hate her because she believes in herself.....I'm to emotionally drained to continue.

As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.


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  1. Keep doing your thing, Dymesha! Opposition is proof that you are on the right path. God wants to see how badly you want it and as we know anything worth having is worth fighting for. I wish you much (continued) success!