Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girly Girl

I'm a true girly girl. I love things like lace, ruffles, pretty skirts and sexy shoes. I've gained a few pounds over the years and believe it or not my self esteem has suffered a little. I don't feel as confident in my clothes as I use to. I've been participating in the biggest looser contest at work and I'm glad to announce I've loss 3 pounds. I know that may not sound like very much but for me it's a huge accomplishment. I only have about 15 more pounds to go and I'm going all the way.

Spring and summer is approaching and that means a lot of entertaining will be going on. Birthday parties, evening cocktails and just hanging with a few of my favorite girls. All of these outfits are so my style. Of course I put this together using Polyvore so the prices of some of these items are off the charts. I'm not a big department store shopper I tend to lean more towards boutiques but I sometimes find many of these looks at H&M, Forever 21, Target, Express and sometimes online.

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